Samson Electric Wire Co. Ltd. is a privately held company found in 1976 with over thirty years experience of electrical cable manufacturing. Samson is a global wire & cable service provider which provides proven, economical and customer focused supply solutions.

With our manufacturing base and experience, Samson Electric Wire Co. Ltd. can provide industry recognized standard and custom built cable types covering many applications across a wide market range.

Our cable products and solutions are used in many high-technology products and services vital to modern life, including: communication networks, medical equipment, power generation , domestic equipment and everyday business.

We provide quality assured product supply with the base of certified ISO 9001:2008 standard and UL listed manufacturing approval inclusive of RoHS certified products.

Standard Cable Types
We also can offer standard type cables in various materials such as PVC, PP, PU and LSHF PVC.

  • LAN Cable
  • Coaxial Cable
  • Control Cable
  • Data Cable
  • Audio Cable
  • Power Cable
  • Multi-core cable such as Instrumentation cable & etc...

Specialty Cables
We can design & manufacture many types of jelly-filled, armoured & composite cable according to customer’s requirements.

Cabling Connection Solutions
We can also provide high-quality cable & electrical connection solutions including wall plate, plugs, adapters and extension leads .

We work very closely with our customers throughout their product development stage to design, develop and make suggestions on connection solutions on the cables so as to meet their specific business requirements. We aim at complete satisfaction of our customers by providing reliable service and responsible technical support.

We are confident of extending our best service to our clients. Your enquiries are always welcome and we will provide you with the most suitable cable design based on our sound knowledge of technical know-how and we look forward to serving you in the near future and you will be one of our valued clients.