C1220103211 C1220103211
Telephone Cable 24AWG 30P PE Sheath

24AWG Solid PACW, 30 Pairs, PE Insulation, Colour Binder, Filler, Jelly Filler, Polyester Tape, GSW, PE Sheath. (Black) O.D 14.9 x 18.2mm
Material :Plain Annealed Copper Wire
Size :24AWG
Construction :Solid
Material :PE
Nominal O.D :0.95mm
Color :Color : (6 Group) Blue/White, Orange/White, Green/White, Brown/White, Grey/White
Material :Colour Binder, Water Resistant Flooding Compound, Polyester Tape,
Support Wire
Material :GSW
Nominal O.D :1/1.25mm
Material :PE
Nominal O.D :14.9 x 18.2mm
Color :Black
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