C1220017311 C1220017311
Fire Retardant Telephone Cable Shielded 22AWG 20P LSHF Sheath

22AWG Solid PACW, 20Pairs, PE Insulation, Color Binder, Polyester Tape Overall Screen, 24AWG TACW Drain Wire, Al. Foil, LSHF Sheath. (Black)O.D 9.6mm
Material :Plain Annealed Copper Wire
Size :22AWG
Construction :Solid
Material :PE
Nominal O.D :1.2mm
Color :Colour (2 Group) Blue/White, Orange/White, Green/White, Brown/White, Grey/White Colour (2 Group) Blue/Red, Orange/ Red, Green/ Red, Brown/ Red, Grey/ Red
Material :Color Binder
Overall Screen
Material :Al. Polyester Tape,
Drain Wire
Material :Tinned Annealed Copper Wire
Size :24AWG
Construction :Solid (1/0.5mm)
Material :LSHF
Nominal O.D :13.0mm
Color :Black
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